With an acoustical ceiling, your space will experience a significant reduction in noise. For everyone’s comfort, call Theberge Acoustical Ceilings.

Acoustical Ceiling

Tectum wall panels are an extremely durable noise-cancelling solution for gyms, theaters and other large commercial and recreational spaces.

 Tectum Panels

Acoustic wall panels can bring down the noise while leveling up the beauty of the space. Find out if acoustic wall panels will work for your space.

Acoustical Wall

Wood ceilings also provide noise-reducing features, but many property owners simply enjoy their appearance. Let’s chat about what we can do for you.

Wood Ceiling

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Acoustical tiles and panels are the best way to bring down the noise in a space. Theberge Acoustical Ceilings has a range of custom products and services available to provide your building with a custom solution. Since 1980, we’ve been a premier contractor servicing central Maine, but based out of Chelsea, ME for acoustical ceilings, acoustical wall panels and wood ceilings. You can rely on our specialists to install the noise-canceling tiles and panels you need for your space.

Our team is here to help – so reach out to our specialists and schedule a time for your free estimate today.

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Theberge Acoustical Ceilings has worked with a range of both commercial and residential customers in the Central Maine area for their panels and tiles. From offices buildings and schools to large residential units, we work with any customer and any space to install acoustical products and installation.

By hiring Theberge Acoustical Ceilings, you’re choosing a trusted contractor who:

• Uses Tectum and other high-quality products for a reliable solution
• Focuses on getting the job done quickly so you can enjoy the benefits
• Strives to provide customized and affordable services

Discover an affordable and reliable noise reduction solution by turning to Theberge Acoustical Ceilings right now for your noise-dampening needs.

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Acoustic panels and ceiling tile offer much more than just noise benefits. If you’d like to learn about all the ways our quality panels can improve your residential or commercial space, call us today at 207-215-4745.