Reduce the Sound Levels in Your Space With an Acoustical Ceiling

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Noisy spaces don’t have to stay that way. With an acoustical ceiling, you can reduce the amount of noise in your space. Acoustical ceilings (also known as drop ceilings) are a proven way to absorb excess noise in a given area, making it far more tolerable for everyone inside.

Theberge Acoustical Ceilings is based out of Chelsea, Maine. Selling and installing high-quality acoustical ceilings, acoustical wall panels for commercial and residential customers in the Central Maine area. We have worked on a variety of projects throughout our 25+ years in the business, implementing sound reduction solutions for schools, gyms, office buildings and residential units.

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Acoustical ceilings aren’t only good for noise reduction

An acoustical ceiling solution provides a number of other benefits in addition to dampening sound. Choose Theberge Acoustical Ceilings for your installation, and you’ll:

• Reduce echoes
• Reach ductwork easily
• Enjoy a custom/chosen design
• Access wiring and other installations in the ceiling with ease

Effectively manage the sound in your space with an acoustical ceiling solution from our Chelsea, Maine specialists. Reach out to our contractor today to partner with us for sales and installation service.

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