Bring Down the Noise With a Reliable Contractor

Turn to Theberge for acoustical wall panels in Chelsea, ME

Your commercial space should have a reliable acoustical panel solution in place to absorb, and thus reduce the noise in the facility. Otherwise, the sounds would continue to bounce and magnify, making for an unbearable situation.

Acoustical panels from Theberge Acoustical Ceilings are designed to absorb a wide range of frequencies to bring down the noise. These wall panels are usually found in school and office buildings – specifically conference rooms, meeting rooms and lecture halls.

Consult with Theberge to take care of your panel needs

We offer a range of beautiful and customizable panels to match the appearance and style of your space. When you come to Theberge for your needs, you’ll be able to:

• Choose from a range of different colors and fabrics
• Work with our team on finishes, edge treatments and other specifics
• Enjoy a custom, one-of-a-kind solution to match your space

Reduce and improve the overall sound performance at your commercial space. Choose Theberge Acoustical Ceilings for your acoustical wall panels in Chelsea, Maine.

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