Absorb the Sound With Quality Tectum Noise Panels

Choose Theberge for tectum panels servicing Central Maine, based out of Chelsea

Restaurants, school gyms. Expansive churches and theaters. All of these spaces accommodate significant numbers of people day after day, week after week. Tectum ceiling and wall panels have become an industry standard when it comes to the absorption and reduction of noise in large spaces. That means there will be plenty of chatter and other sounds to go around.

There is a way to make sure your room’s volume stays at comfortable level.

These fiber panels are perfect for commercial, institutional, recreational and industrial buildings. Theberge Acoustical Ceilings would be happy to install these panels at your space anywhere in Maine.

Padding your space with exactly what you want and need

Tectum products have been chosen by many contractors over the past 50 years, because these panels are:

• Textured to match any design
• Available in custom sizes and shapes
• Durable and long-lasting

Check in with Theberge Acoustical Ceilings to start installing custom Tectum panels within your home or commercial building.

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